Final Chapter- Bleed Like Me

Hey guys, it has been a very long time!

It occurred to me a few days ago that I had never published the final chapter of Bleed Like Me. So I re-read some of it and tried my best to follow my notes to finally give it to you.

I might come around to write a prologue for any big gaps I am leaving behind but for now, this is the final chapter 🙂

I hope you are all well. I am indeed. The man I met and talked about in my last post is truly incredible and there is not one day I don’t wake up feeling as if I won the lottery. He is amazing, caring and my best friend. I am not afraid to say he is the love of my life and after almost 2 years, we are growing strong and more in love each day.

I can finally say I am truly happy and that is a gift I will cherish for the rest of my life.

My next post will be in a few months and will contains chapters of my original fiction.




Happy First Day of the New Year!

Happy New Year ladies!

I wish you all the best in 2018!  I heard that some of you had a brutal 2017 so here’s to a better year ❤

I don’t have a chapter for you, I mean it is written but I didn’t get the chance to work on anything. You see, I normally spend my sunday afternoon writing but since November, they have been spent with someone special because it is the only day we can spend together without kids. We wanted to take things slow and wait before introducing our kids together which meant we could only see each other when we both were kids free.

This weekend, we introduced them for the first time so things may change.

And guess what ladies, I told him my secret and his reaction was not only loving and caring but he told me that he waited a long time to meet someone like me and it’s not something like this that would push him away.


I think I am in love 😀 I think, because I’ve been pretty wrong in the past so it’s hard to trust myself and go with the flow.

Ill keep you posted.



BLM-Chapter 35

Yes I am a jerk who left you on a huge cliffy. I am not sorry though….. :/

Chapter 35

Hope all is well with you ladies, me, I am just fine and peachy.

Started dating again, that is interesting…. Met someone pretty awesome and perfect for me. Let’s just see if he sticks around when I tell him my little secret. Some do, some don’t 🙂


ok ok.. the wait is over

Guys, I am sorry I took so long but I wanted the story to be finished before publishing anymore chapters. It was a matter of making sure nothing is missed. So now that I am at the finish line, I have only a few paragraphs left to write, I feel comfortable publishing again.

Besides, I now have every sunday free because I don’t have my daughter, so I do get a bit more time to write. Let’s finish this before Christmas!

Next chapter will be published next weekend.

CHapter 34




It’s been forever, well at least, it feels like it to me. I have not been writing at all and I miss it, I simply don’t have much time.

I had originally plan to change job in October as my assignment (a an executive) was ending and it would have been a perfect time to get back into programs and have a couple hours a week to write. But NO lol I was asked to stay and in my line of work, that is a huge honor. You simply don’t say no.

The good news is that although I have been single (not dating) for almost a year now, I was co-habiting with my ex-husband to give him a chance to get on his feet and to let the change be gradual for Clara. Well that has come to an end and he is now living on his own about 25 mins from my house. I have been waiting for this for a long time and was both physically and mentally ready. It has a lot more positive than negative and I am very thankful that my ex-husband is still someone I consider a friend and no matter how much we hurt each other, we care about Clara and want to make it as painless as possible for her.

Being alone in a big house is strange but I am getting used to it. It gets lonely at times but I am happy and I think having moments here and there is nothing to worry about. I sometimes worry about my future. People keep saying I will find someone but I am a bit jaded. I truly believe in soulmates and I am not sure mine is here. I wonder if perhaps I may have missed him. I mean people get sick, get in car accident etc. What if mine did before I met him. It’s a possibility.

Anyhow, I have Clara 70% of the time and I plan on using the other 30% to teach Zumba and write. So that is something!

Motivation is hard though, because if I am honest, I don’t remember much of my fic. Even after reading my notes, I am a bit lost. So I can either re-read the entire thing (NOOOOOOO) or maybe just the last couple chapters but then I risk plot holes.

Anyways, just wanted to say HI and make sure everyone is doing okay. I really want to give you a chapter soon.



P.s I am redecorating my house and I fell in love with this. Had to put both in my house somewhere 😀