Happy First Day of the New Year!

Happy New Year ladies!

I wish you all the best in 2018!  I heard that some of you had a brutal 2017 so here’s to a better year ❤

I don’t have a chapter for you, I mean it is written but I didn’t get the chance to work on anything. You see, I normally spend my sunday afternoon writing but since November, they have been spent with someone special because it is the only day we can spend together without kids. We wanted to take things slow and wait before introducing our kids together which meant we could only see each other when we both were kids free.

This weekend, we introduced them for the first time so things may change.

And guess what ladies, I told him my secret and his reaction was not only loving and caring but he told me that he waited a long time to meet someone like me and it’s not something like this that would push him away.


I think I am in love 😀 I think, because I’ve been pretty wrong in the past so it’s hard to trust myself and go with the flow.

Ill keep you posted.



3 thoughts on “Happy First Day of the New Year!

  1. Way to go on finding someone special. Because when you find that someone who accepts all of you they are very special. I know I found my guy and love him dearly.


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