Final Chapter- Bleed Like Me

Hey guys, it has been a very long time!

It occurred to me a few days ago that I had never published the final chapter of Bleed Like Me. So I re-read some of it and tried my best to follow my notes to finally give it to you.

I might come around to write a prologue for any big gaps I am leaving behind but for now, this is the final chapter 🙂

I hope you are all well. I am indeed. The man I met and talked about in my last post is truly incredible and there is not one day I don’t wake up feeling as if I won the lottery. He is amazing, caring and my best friend. I am not afraid to say he is the love of my life and after almost 2 years, we are growing strong and more in love each day.

I can finally say I am truly happy and that is a gift I will cherish for the rest of my life.

My next post will be in a few months and will contains chapters of my original fiction.





BLM-Chapter 35

Yes I am a jerk who left you on a huge cliffy. I am not sorry though….. :/

Chapter 35

Hope all is well with you ladies, me, I am just fine and peachy.

Started dating again, that is interesting…. Met someone pretty awesome and perfect for me. Let’s just see if he sticks around when I tell him my little secret. Some do, some don’t 🙂


ok ok.. the wait is over

Guys, I am sorry I took so long but I wanted the story to be finished before publishing anymore chapters. It was a matter of making sure nothing is missed. So now that I am at the finish line, I have only a few paragraphs left to write, I feel comfortable publishing again.

Besides, I now have every sunday free because I don’t have my daughter, so I do get a bit more time to write. Let’s finish this before Christmas!

Next chapter will be published next weekend.

CHapter 34


Who Wants a New Chapter?

Hey guys,

I am back! Yes, yes I know the fandom is dying blablabla but like I said in my last update, I will post the rest of BLM. I finally feel I am in a good place with the plot so it is time….

Now now, this update doesn’t have said chapter because I am currently re-reading chapter 32 to correct some of my grammar mistakes but I thought I would update you with a few pictures of Elfchef and I’s trip.

I promise, chapter will be posted by tomorrow night at the latest.

Elfchef and I (Jennifer is our friend in the middle)

Me teaching:

The food…

The good news is that lots of alcohol and writing happened during the trip. The bad news might be the quality of the writing bahahaha


Hello all!

It has been awhile….unfortunately. I don’t have many excuses other than I have, perhaps,  fallen out of love with Eric and Sookie and my real life is beyond hectic making it hard to find time to write! Adding to it that the fandom is, let’s be honest…. Dying…. doesn’t help the lack of motivation. There are, of course, the dying fans that are still reading the stories but alas, reviews are sparse and often short which makes it, for some writers like me who are not as excited about the characters as we used to be, hard to motivate oneself in writing the end of the story.

But fear not trusted companions, I will finished Bleed Like Me as I am nothing if not a woman of her words. I have many chapters written and I seriously just need to kick my butt for the last 2 or 3.

I am extremely grateful for my years in the fandom. On a personal level, I was able to better myself not only as a writer but also as a person. I learned valuable lessons that I will cherish for a long time and skills that I truly believe will help me in the future.

But I would have not been able to do any of it without the help of my betas (Kleannhouse, Nicolle, Treewitch, Lostinspace, Fairytaleamber) whom, I might no longer be friends with, but to whom I will eternally be grateful for the time they have put in reviewing my work and advising me on how to better myself. I cannot erase the past but I can take a minute to thank you for being a huge part of who I am today.

When I started in the fandom eons ago, ok maybe not that long ago. I think it was in late 2011, I had no idea what a ride it would be. I remember the first time I found Leia’s story and how much it changed my life. It was like in one epic story, she lit the fire to my Eric and Sookie cravings. Once ignited, I had searched for more stories which I realized that although quantity was available to me, quality was a different story. I eventually stumbled upon various writers we have all learned to cherish such as Kjwrit or Ericizmine. It made me realized that quality was rare and that once you found a writer you liked, you stick with them throughout their many stories.

My journey as a reader ended with a writer I not only admired but I totally developed a writer crush on: Elfchef. This woman wrote stories that not only blew up any conventional bullshit I was used to but her imagination was beyond anything I had ever read before. She gave life to these characters in a fashion that ultimately inspired ME to write my own stuff. I went from being an avid reader, to a writer only, for the exception of reading her fanfictions and getting riduclously excited anytime she posted anything.

I was a total fangirl and I was in awe with her work and if, in 2012, you would have told me that I would someday be actually friends with this person I would have laughed at you.

I mean common! She had thousands of reviews, people LOVED her and kissed the earth she walked on (ok maybe not) and I imagined she was WAY too busy and awesome to talk to this little writer who was not only starting but wasn’t making any friends at all (LOL)

But it is funny how life works sometimes and when Elfchef asked for help with WordPress; I offered and the rest is history. She gave me a chance despite my reputation and I couldn’t be more grateful.

So today, I am standing in front of my computer, excited as fuck because I only have awesome things to be grateful for and I thank the stars that I ventured into this fandom years ago. I am pumped that not only I have amazing readers that have followed me since the beginning but I have actual friends whom in real life helps me with my everyday struggle.

And as if this wasn’t enough…..Elfchef and LadyA are going on an adventure.


You heard me, a real; IN REAL LIFE adventure…..


There will be lots of alcohol, food and shenanigan in honour of our 30 years walking this beautiful earth.

How fucking cool is that?

I can’t promise what will be the result of this insane escapade other than plenty of drunk writing but I bet we will have some cool stories to share and maybe a oneshot partnership! Who knows.

So on that my friends, I say good day, BLM chapters are in the near future I just don’t know when EXACTLY.

Take care!